Creative Film Studio based out of baltimore

About Us

At Six Point Pictures, we redefine excellence in video production, serving as a dedicated agency for creatives in the film industry. As a 100% minority-owned company, our team of skilled directors, cinematographers, and producers stands out as owner-operators, ensuring a personalized touch to every project.

Equipped with the latest ARRI cameras, a diverse range of vintage and modern cinema lenses, comprehensive camera support, and an extensive lighting arsenal, we bring your vision to life with unmatched precision. Our small size and in-house equipment facility afford us the flexibility to seamlessly align with our client’s goals, budget constraints, and production schedules.

At Six Point Pictures, we don’t just create videos; we craft compelling visual stories, combining creativity with cutting-edge technology to exceed expectations and deliver excellence in every frame.


Our Image

We believe every shot should be able to tell a story. As a collective, we are able to come together to weave beautiful tapestries through film. As filmmakers we recognize the importance of Mise-en-scène as it relates to both film and theater. Specifically, we have mastered lighting people of color. We are able to manipulate shadows to show the beauty and vulnerability of our subjects. We are able to bend light to reveal the honesty and regalness of the unassuming.

Our Workflow

Process: we navigate along with our client through the various processes of filmmaking. We lead them from pre production to post production. We gain a better understanding of the client’s vision and overall message through discovery. It is of the utmost importance that we ensure that our mission as artists align with our clients. Next we create a storyboard and shooting script and we begin our shot list. During pre production where we assemble crew, lock-in locations, and finalize scheduling.

As we enter into production, the material becomes actualized; we take concepts and make them concrete. Filmmaking is the ultimate team sport and it is during production where we unite with the sole mission of creating amazing work.


Whether we’re filming in our studio or the middle of the desert, our creativity knows no bounds. Though we come from different backgrounds and have unique experiences, our team continues to coalesce and create beautiful imagery. Comprised of cinematographers, directors, and editors,  Six Point takes on every new project with dedication and zeal. Because of our varied perspectives we are able to tell authentic stories. As lovers and consumers of film, we are attuned to our audience and are cognizant of the power of representation.