JaMar Jones

Director & Cinematographer

JaMar Jones, a West Baltimore native, embarked on an unconventional journey that evolved from youthful escapades into a dedicated career in filmmaking. During his formative years, JaMar and his cousins traded their game systems for a VHS camcorder, capturing humorous scenes in abandoned houses. However, tragedy struck with the passing of his cousin, casting a shadow over his life. Turning his focus to music, JaMar became a DJ and music producer before realizing the limitations of the radio industry. An unexpected opportunity from Red Bull North America presented itself, propelling JaMar into the world of documentary filmmaking. Despite initial unfamiliarity with the craft, he embraced the challenge, a decision that seemed divinely supported.


Fortuitously, resources aligned: receiving editing software, a Mac Pro Tower, and financial aid from unexpected sources. Inspired by this providence, JaMar rekindled his passion for filmmaking, creating impactful films that reflected the realities of his environment. His debut film, “Product of My Environment (POME),” garnered significant attention, leading JaMar to delve deeper into filmmaking. Despite feeling geographically restricted after graduating from Morgan State University, JaMar remained resolute in his determination to create authentic narratives highlighting individuals like himself, committed to positive change within their communities. Facing adversity, including eviction from his apartment, JaMar persevered, transforming an empty warehouse into his creative haven. From humble beginnings, this space evolved into the birthplace of Six Point Pictures, a film production company dedicated to evocative visual storytelling.


Under JaMar’s leadership, Six Point Pictures has collaborated with prominent entities such as BET, Disney, META, YouTube Originals, and Amazon. His entrepreneurial spirit, coupled with a commitment to representation and storytelling, led him to confront systemic inequalities within the industry, propelling him to mentor emerging filmmakers and champion untold stories. Acknowledging his achievements while remaining cognizant of the journey ahead, JaMar sees his career as an ongoing quest for self-expression and narrative exploration. He extends an invitation to join him on his journey, envisioning collaborative storytelling that challenges, inspires, and resonates with audiences in profound ways. In JaMar Jones, a visionary filmmaker, entrepreneur, and advocate for representation, there exists an unwavering dedication to storytelling that transcends boundaries and touches the core of the human experience.