LaTonya Joyce


LaTonya Joyce is a freelance filmmaker and serves as Producer for Six Point Pictures.  Earning a Bachelor of Arts in English from Morgan State University in Baltimore, MD, LaTonya segued into finance. 

With over ten years of accounting & administrative experience in construction and real estate development, LaTonya has been able to translate those skills into production budgeting for Six Point Pictures when she joined in 2016. It was there where she evolved her skills as a burgeoning filmmaker and joined a family whose mission aligned with hers. 

Since then she has managed various clients and overseen countless budgets for Six Point Pictures. LaTonya oversees all aspects of production which includes: hiring and building out crews on location, supervising all billing, and managing the post-production process. 

LaTonya brings along her background in finance and passion for film to each project. Whether it’s revising screenplays for novice filmmakers or assembling a film crew, LaTonya meets every new opportunity with enthusiasm. LaTonya has dedicated the past few years freelancing on various film/television sets. These skills have allowed her to work with HBO, Netflix, Apple Music, Buzzfeed, PBS, MACRO, and Def Jam to name a few.